Me & My House Outreach

Josh & Susan Sanchez of Me & My House Outreach in Manzanillo and Colima, Mexico

As for ME & MY HOUSE, we will serve the Lord”.  Joshua 24:15

We came to Manzanillo, Mexico, a city of 125,000 with no previous Independent Christian Church or Church of Christ, in January of 2006 to begin a church with a small group of 10 believers that were living here.  The closest CC congregations are a 3 hour drive.

We are located on the western coast of Mexico, in the largest sea port.  1 in 5 work for the port, so our city’s main source of income is trade, not tourism.  The main religion is cultural Catholicism, with Jehovah’s Witnesses running a close second.  JW’s, alone, have over 30 different congregations spread throughout the city.