Preacher Appreciation Month

How to Bless our Ministers

Since October is Preacher Appreciation Month, we are providing you with a couple of opportunities to say "Thank You" to our ministers! On the back bulletin board in the sanctuary at church, there is a display for you to write a post-it note for Rick and Brandon. You can also encourage others who are pursuing ministry, as well as give a shout-out to any minister that has had an impact on your life. Next, we encourage everyone to send a note/card to Rick and Brandon sometime this month. If you would like to include a gift, below are some favorite things of each of our ministers. Gifts can be in the form of a gift card, gift, food, etc. if you want to show your appreciation in that way. Thank you for helping to bless these men who do so much for us and our community!

Rick Fordyce

What is your...

Favorite dessert: German Chocolate Cake

Favorite restaurants: Yummy Chen's in Macomb

Favorite place to get a drink: QT (you can add cherry syrup to your drink!)

Favorite streaming service: Facebook? Nor sure about this one. Not sure I stream on purpose.

Favorite beverage: Cherry Pepsi

Favorite pastime/hobby: It used to be reading, but not so much anymore; perhaps resting? 

Where do you order items for your hobby? No place, really.

Favorite place to order books: Amazon

Favorite date place: Best Buffet (Chinese restaurant near Wal-Mart)

Favorite candy: Snickers

Favorite thing to do with your family: Would a cruise to Alaska count?

Favorite way to listen to music: YouTube or sometimes Pandora

Favorite take-out food: ??? We do it so rarely

Favorite pizza topping: Casey's Meat Lovers

Any allergies or foods you don’t like? I think I am allergic to broccoli, asparagus, spinach, kale, cauliflower, and similar foods. Chocolate is good.

Brandon Llewellyn

What is your...

Favorite dessert: a cold Jello Cake

Favorite restaurants: Yummy Chen, Texas Roadhouse, Chicks on the River. 

Favorite place to get a drink: Casey’s 

Favorite streaming service: Disney Plus and Hulu 

Favorite beverage: Diet Mt. Dew

Favorite pastime/hobby: disc golf or video games

Where do you order items for your hobby? Amazon 

Favorite place to order books: Amazon 

Favorite date place: The Movies 

Favorite candy: Red Vines

Favorite thing to do with your family: bike rides or playing at the park 

Favorite way to listen to music: iTunes or YouTube 

Favorite take-out food: Jimmy Johns

Favorite pizza topping: pepperoni

Any allergies or foods you don’t like? None